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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a bit of focused information we've accumulated from answering questions about our ChillDust dust bathing product and the pumice it's made from.

What's in ChillDust™? Pumice and...?

Just pumice. Chilldust is excusively from the pumice in the Hess Pumice deposit in Southeast Idaho, recognized as the purest commercial deposit of white pumice in the world.

Will dust bathing created airborne dust?

Yes. How extensive of a cloud depends on the antics of the critter rolling around in the ChillDust. See the dust control tips provided here. Chilldust is non-crystalline in structure, so breathing the dust is not hazardous, but if you breathe enough of it—like any benign airborne particulate—irritation may result.

How do I use ChillDust™?

More extensive instructions are found here, but briefly: Depending on the individual critter, you will need to adjust the frequency and length of the dust bath, but a good starting point (especially with chinchillas) is twice a week for up to 15 minutes each session. Use an inch or so of dust in a heavy bowl or other bathing container.

How do I store ChillDust™?

Pumice attacts moisure from the air, so keep ChillDust dry and "dusty" by keeping the bag or container tightly sealed.

Why doesn't my [critter] use the dust bath I have so thoughtfully provided?

Chinchillas typically take to dust bathing with all-in glee. But for other critters, perhaps they've never been presented with a dust bath before—so they don't get it. People have had success sprinkling dust on the critter's back to introduce the concept. In the end, some critters may never be interested in the activity.

Can I just leave the dust bath in with my [critter]. You know, free choice?

No one right answer for that—but here are two key considerations: critter type and personality. Some people go free-choice without a perceived problem; others find the dust bath gets used as a litter box and needs frequent cleaning and replacement. Some furries may over-endulge and dry out their skin, while others partake only infrequently and ignore it the rest of the time. Whatever you decide, take into account the active times for your critter. Chins, gerbils, hamsters and such tend to be nocturnal and most active when you're asleep, so if you only make it available during the day when they're curled up in their hidey holes, that's not going to work.

Testimonials from ChillDust Users

Below are a few shared experiences from those using ChillDust™.

order ChillDust online

ChillDust™ is available in 1 lb bags, 2.5 lb bags (can economically ship multiples up to 27.5 lbs), pallets of 25 lb or 50 lb sacks, and a 2000 lb supersack.

I did a major comparison with animals side by side (ChillDust, Blue Sparkle, and Blue Cloud) and I was actually really happy with the new ChillDust. It doesn't seem to sit on top of the animals for too long and doesn’t make them look like they were bathing in fiberglass. My chilla room didn't look like a sand storm had blown through either! I'm trying to use up the last of the Sparkle as of now (as well as giving it to new pet buyers.) I am super happy with the prices too.
—Zach Huske

I’m a long time user of Blue Cloud, and decided to give ChillDust a try. The particle size created from [the ChillDust] grind is much more consistent and feels almost as fine as running your hands through cornstarch. This dust doesn’t have that blue hue of Blue Cloud, but I find that it clings deep into the fur less, preventing my very dark animals from getting a dull sheen from too much dust. The color of the dust hasn’t affected my animals, including my whites. This dust is also more dense than Blue Cloud, so when the chinchillas get to rolling like crazy, the entire room is not covered in dust and I don’t get coughing fits which is fantastic! Overall, I am very happy with the performance of this dust and I think it will be a strong competitor with Blue Cloud for show animals.

We have been testing ChillDust on our show animals for 10 weeks and have found the dust to be perfect. There are so many things we like about it. We really like how well our animals looked for the Empress National Show and found we had never before competed as well as we did this year. We are also so impressed with the consistency of ChillDust. Even after using the dust over 2 months, the dust bath has maintained the same texture and quality as when we first put it in. We also love the white color of the dust and can see and feel how well it keeps our animals’ fur clean when we comb the animals for show. We are also happy that we can stay in the building while dusting without having any problems breathing.
—Casey Craner